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CDL Mastery is a multi-channel platform delivering instructional material and exam prep for the CDL Knowledge Test.

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The essential learning platform for your driving school

  • AAMVA Manual
    Interactive learning resource with built-in quizzes.
  • Knowledge Test Prep
    600+ practice questions to boost confidence.
  • Track Progress
    Detailed metrics enable real-time review of student performance.
  • Any Device
    Available on phone, tablet, computer.
  • Your Brand
    Customize with your school’s branding & content.
  • Coming soon!
    Pre-Trip Inspection and Driving Skills videos and checklists.
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Official Study Material

Future drivers can study the official AAMVA manual and finish each chapter with targeted questions to gauge comprehension.

Knowledge Test Prep

More than 600 practice questions – with detailed explanations – will challenge students as they prepare for the knowledge test.

Track Learning Progress

A detailed dashboard gives instructors real-time performance data for each student. Plus, students get insight into their weakest areas so they know where to focus.

Make Connections

Work with preferred carriers to advertise positions and establish the employment connections that fuel your business!

Every Instructor, Every Student, Every Device

Our multi-platform learning tool can be accessed on any device owned by your school, your staff, or your students.

See for yourself how CDL Mastery can drive higher pass rates. Contact us today for a free, 90-day, no obligation trial!

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